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Social Media Review


Social Media Recommendations

  1. Consistency is key.

    • If you do not have consistency, your presence will drop in the Algorithm.

    • Select your posting schedule. I recommend starting out with 3 times per week.​​

  2. Consider adding hashtags with every post.

    • Hashtags help the algorithm match your content with people who may find interest.

    • Here's a link that will help generate hashtags as well as keep up with current trends.

  3. Your social media is a story.

    • Use your Facebook and Instagram as a story. This allows the customer to relate to you.

    • recommend 3 non-sales post to 1 sale post. Ex: 1) Featuring a customer wearing a product. 2) Flash sales 40% off this weekend. 3) 3 ways to wear your cardigan.

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