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Write Your Speaker Bio

Stop staring at a blank page and use the prompts below to write your bio, and if writing isn't really your jam, check out the bonus section below!

Writing Prompts for Speakers:


  • Start with a brief introduction of the speaker's name and any relevant titles or affiliations.

  • Mention the context in which the speaker will be speaking (e.g., at a conference, webinar, event, etc.).

Professional Background:

  • Provide an overview of the speaker's professional background, expertise and credentials.

  • Mention their current role, company, or organization.

  • Highlight any key achievements, awards, or notable projects related to their field.

Relevant Experience:

  • Share the speaker's experience as it relates to the topic or industry.

  • Mention any previous speaking engagements, workshops, or publications.

Key Contributions & Passion:

  • Discuss how their work has made an impact or difference.

  • Share what drives the speaker and their passion.

Unique Perspective:

  • Describe what sets the speaker apart and their unique perspective.

  • Mention any distinctive approaches or viewpoints they bring to the table.

Personal Details (Optional):

  • Include a few personal details that humanize the speaker, such as hobbies or interests.

  • Keep it relevant to the audience and the event.

Closing Statement:

  • Conclude with a sentence that summarizes the speaker's relevance and value.


If writing isn't your jam, use an AI program to help you. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

1) Open your AI program. Here are a few options...

  1. ChatGPT


  3. Grammarly

2) Type the prompt below.

Write a [x] paragraph bio, in a [insert type of tone], in [first or third person], highlight [character that differentiates you].

Tone examples:

  1. Friendly

  2. Personable

  3. Professional

  4. Engaging

  5. Conversational

3) Then use the prompts above to write your info about you and press enter.

4) Because AI is not perfect, you may have to type 'rewrite' to get it closer to what you want.

5) Last but not leat, copy your text and begin to edit to make it your own. This includes...

  1. Adding words you normally would use instead of the AI-generated ones.

  2. Take out 'fluffy' text that doesn't contribute to your bio in a way that you prefer.

I hope this helps get you started! If you have any questions, shoot me a message. I'll be happy to help.


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