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Stand Out on Instagram Reels

Have you seen the sound that has the song "got a career I'm very invested...some people call it a scary obsession." 🎶

Yeah well me too! And now that's alllllll I see! Has this happened to you too?

Well, I thought to share how this affects your Instagram account. Yes, we CAN use the Instagram algorithm in your favor! 😉

What you see isn't what your community sees.

Just because you see your industry doesn't mean your community does. It all depends on what they interact with, their search criteria, and many other factors. Knowing where they are like/what they are searching for will help you show up where THEY ARE.

Ex: If your niche are busy 35 year old moms who love coffee, I would join in on the back-to-school trends or even the release of the pumpkin spice everything.

Don't use trending sounds in your industry.

Why? Because so are the other 5,326 influencers in your industry. By the time reels are trending, there are thousands doing the same thing. Even if you catch it before it trends, you still are attracting professionals within the same industry.

Instead, use sounds that go against the grain.

Find sounds that align with your ideal community. That way you increase your chances of making real connections with your ideal community. Need some ideas on different types of reels? Here are a few trending versatile sounds that will help set you apart.

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