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Overcoming The Fear of Posting on Social Media

Can you relate on this one?

The feeling you get right before you tap the share button? Yeah, me too!

Yes, even I who posts for a living get nervous!

For the longest, I just couldn't bring myself to post. Period. I know how to plan, create, and grow a page, but there was this mental block that stopped me for actually doing it.

I would use a ton of excuses to keep me from taking action.

Everyone is waiting for me to mess up.

I'm sure we've all thought this one a time or two. (or every time we post) When I post, there are a million things that go through my head. Does my hair look good, did I spell everything right, is this a dumb idea, and the list goes on and on. The last thing you want to do is go viral for the wrong reason. Which brings me to the next one...

I hate the way I look or sound.

We are our WORST critics. It's in our nature to pick out our flaws because we are human, but I'm going to be honest with you. These people see you in real life, so what's the difference? They know what you look and sound like. And if they don't see you on a regular basis, does their opinion really matter?

What's the point of social media?

This was the biggest and last hurdle for me. Okay, let me explain a little. I am not using social media to get more sales in my business. I am using it to increase my brand awareness, so I often would ask myself, is it worth my time? I have a ton of other things to worry about and social media is just another task that NEVER goes away.

But here's where things took a turn.

I had heard on a podcast that your social media page is like a digital photo album of your business. This is when it hit me.

I see this as my opportunity to see myself grow.

When I feel like giving up, I can go back to my page and see how far I've come. Will I cringe at how awful my lighting was? Maybe, but I will be proud of the me who kept showing up day in and day out.

Build a community that will pump you up!

If your followers are trolling you then you need to find new followers. The beauty of social media is YOU get to choose who follows you and who doesn't. Create the content to show people what you are up to. Let them see you on your journey to building your business.


This is your chance to just have fun creating! Don't be nervous to let your personality shine through your social page. After all, it is your page. 😉

So what do you say, will you share your journey?

Follow me on Instagram @meetcp , so I can see your journey!

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