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It's more than just visuals.


Build a brand that not only looks great but also speaks to your customer.

Building The Foundation.

Let's be honest. When branding first comes to mind we think of our logo, color palettes, and what our Instagram grid looks like, but the reality is there is so much more than just a pretty look.


Knowing the pieces to a complete brand will set you apart from the rest in your industry. So let's jump into what a brand strategy really is.

creating your brand.

The key to

We will create a system that works

for you. This includes:

Marketing goals that are targeted to help you achieve your overarching business goals.

A customized brand book that guides the visuals and messaging components of your business.

An organization system that will not only help organize your thoughts and goal but also help you create an actionable to-do list.

What is...

Client Case Study

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Building More Than KPIs

KK Method takes pride in their completely customized approach to teaching you how to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle through the latest well-researched and reputable nutrition education and personalized accountability.

KK Method's goal for marketing was to build a community that provides a space to live a balanced lifestyle instead of all the diet restrictions.

CP Social Content continues to help guide KK Method's branding, marketing strategy, and assists with content creation. By doing this, KK Method has:

Created a hybrid group coaching program

Launched a successful blog

Created a consistent social media strategy

Organically grown newsletter subscribers

Released multiple purposeful lead generators

27% Revenue Growth compared to 2020


Healthy living

It's more than just a diet and exercise.

How a unique health coach used branding, social media marketing, blogging, and a hybrid course to help men and women break free from restrictive dieting.


Percent Growth- Instagram Reaches


Percent Growth- Email Open Rate


Percent Growth- Email Subscribers

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Krista, Owner of KK Method

Image by Henry & Co.

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