a brand strategy?

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Branding is like a mythical creature we, small business owners, talk about. It's something everyone should have, but truly, what is it?

Long story short, your brand is your reputation. It's how your community sees you. We influence this by creating a strategy. 


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to a simple way to market.

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Avoid wasted time & energy by discovering how to connect with your customer.

Been there done that.

Let's be honest. When branding first comes to mind we think of our logo, color palettes, and what our Instagram grid looks like, but the reality is there is so much more than just a pretty look.


Knowing the pieces to a complete brand will set you apart from the rest in your industry. So let's jump into what a brand strategy really is.

Working Together

It all starts with why.

What makes you get up in the morning? What makes this journey worth it? Knowing this will create the foundation needed to create the business you envision.

Working Together

Having a clear vision.

Just like personal growth, your business needs to see past the now. What do you envision your business being in 1, 3, and 5 years from now? What impact are you making in your industry?

Working Together

Who is the ideal community?

Who are the people that create your community? What are their interests? How does their beliefs align with the businesses? 

Working Together

Messaging + Visuals

Finally, we are able to create what is commonly known as branding. The storytelling, the verbiage, the website, etc. It is essential to remember that the prior steps are crucial in helping us connect with the ideal customer through the visuals, verbiage, and vibes.

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What's Included

​This Includes:

  • Main/Alternate Logos

  • Branding Kit Included:

    • Fonts​

    • Color Palletes

    • Favicon/Social Media


2-Day Brand Strategy

This Includes:

  • Brochures

  • Flyers

  • Business Cards

  • QR Codes

  • Infographics

  • Email Templates

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Promo Material

This Includes:

  • Photo Editing

  • Website Graphics

  • Logo Creation

  • Gift Cards



This Includes:
  • PDFs

  • Programs/Books

  • E-Course Set-Up 


E-Course Materials


  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • TikTok


  • Picture

  • Video


Social Media Templates

This Includes:

  • Debt Tracker Coloring Book

  • Custom Money Envelopes

  • Printed Designs (t-shirts, cups, journals, etc)

  • Polymer Clay Stencils

  • And anything else you can imagine!